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Adoptable "Poo Mix" Dogs and Puppies

Please visit this site. 
There many beautiful poodle mix dogs and puppies available there.
They are waiting for you and your loving home. 



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Searching For A Maltepoo and Can't Find One?
Before you e-mail me your desire for a puppy, please read.....

My first and only recommendation is to search your local shelter and rescue organizations.  You would be surprised to find how many Maltepoos and other Poodle Mix dogs and puppies are out there and near to you.  By adopting and offering your home and love to one of these unwanted, unloved creations of God, you are literally saving his/her life! 

What more could you possibly be looking for?  Yes, puppies are cute and these shelter/rescue dogs were once puppies too and just as adorable.  If you can look past the rough edges and into their soul full eyes, you will see the puppy in them.  The puppy's heart that was taken from them when their "trusted human" decided "they had to go".  With that same tender loving care you are so willing to give a puppy, you will find that little homeless dog  will clean up, just as lovely as that little puppy!  Not only will that dog love you and be forever grateful, you will feel a lot better knowing you weren't the next human to let that dog die.

Give a homeless pet his/her life back.
Give them the life they have always deserved,
but was cheated out of for too long. 
Be the person that dog thinks you are!

Now, with that said,  if you need help in locating a shelter or rescue dog or puppy, feel free to e-mail me, Thanks for caring!